Kyrgyzstan: A Road You Must Choose

My friend asked me why I choose Kyrgyzstan as a tourist destination. For me, traveling means ultimate comfort and a place where I can reach easily. Yes, that place must be good enough too, to travel for. Kyrgyzstan as a tourist destination was right up to my expectations. This country has the easiest entry procedure, so there is no need to hassle. And the second thing is Kyrgyzstan one of the mesmerizing tourist destinations, with mountains, and one of the most beautiful green bluecolours. There is literally everything for all types of travellers. I choose my Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages according to the number of days I want to be in.

The best month to plan your Kyrgyzstan Tour is in (July-August) summers. This time in summer most of the hiking places are open for hikers. Here locals provide you tents and other supplies, so you don’t need to carry your own stuff. My experience with local people in Kyrgyzstan was amazing; people were so helpful and engaging. I planned my Kyrgyzstan Tours for 6 nights. First three days you must indulge yourself in Bishkek city tour. This city is the most happening city of the Kyrgyzstan where you can find, the first day I began with the panoramic city tour. Because this capital city has the best thing to offer you like your trip. From Manas Complex structure to Ala-too Square, this city is a definition of Brutalist architecture at its best. This could be your walking tour of this city. The next day I took a taxi and went to one of the most beautiful places I saw in my life, Ala-Archa National Park. The valley is full of amazing flowers. This national park is just 30 minutes away from the city, don’t miss the chance to have your amazing picture during this Kyrgyzstan Tours.

Third Day you can continue with a place you never going to believe is part of Kyrgyzstan. Here I and taking about Issyk Kul Lake and Konorchek canyon and start hiking. Konorchek canyon is a true hidden gem of Kyrgyzstan. It’s like an instant change from green to shiny orange. You will always remember these two opposite natural views in your memory, just like me.

There is another city in Kyrgyzstan, karakul. Here you take a full trek-based tour. I started my tour here with from Issyk Kul region. But because it’s a mountain area so careful about your steps, or else there is no problem at all. Here you will see one of the most beautiful lakes called between mountains called Issyk Kul Lake. The bluest and purest water anyone can see in his or her whole life. I was sat there for a while because that view is precious than any fast car or diamond or rubies in the world. I specially included Issyk Kul Trek in my Kyrgyzstan package.

Oh well! If you are not a big fan of the Mountains, then Kyrgyzstan has a beachside for you to enjoy and just chill. Kadji Say is a small village in Kyrgyzstan with a list of populations. If you really want to live the moment of sunset, you can enjoy it here at Kadji Say village beach; there is the Tian Shan mountain range nearby of this beach. Ah! That lovely sound of beach waves can make you a lover of nature kind.

For shopping you must return to Bishkek, there is a famous Bazaar called Osh Bazaar because this is the ultimate place for Tasty food and things you can shop for your home. This is one of the biggest markets in Central Asia. This market is a mix of culture and life at the same time. You can purchase aromatic spices here. For Kyrgyzstan Nightlife, I will suggest you go over in their market for the best food and simply take the walk in the evening to enjoy the nightlife of Kyrgyzstan.

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