Top 6 Street Shopping Spots in Mauritius: The Great Way to Shop

Mauritius is one such spot which doesn’t upset its visitors in this matter as it showers them with a special shopping experience. Populated by street markets and shopping malls, the island of Mauritius turns into number one spot for tourists who like to explore the trading aspect of any spot.

1. Port Louis Market

Popular for being one of the most swarmed and most visited markets in all of Mauritius, the Port Louis market is the best stop for purchasing local products and experiencing the local food also. The somewhat low prices of the market make it the center for the locals and an ideal location for the tourist’s local’s communications. The market is isolated into two sections, the open half on the streets and the shut half under the roof. The different areas of the market have a changed reach of products for sale beginning from fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat, a retail store for gifts and garments too. Mauritius Packages for an offbeat vacation experience!

2. Quatre Bornes Market

Practicing in textiles and clothing products, the Quatre Bornes is exceptionally famous among the locals as well as the sightseers. Assuming you need an incredible shopping experience and notice local trading in Mauritius very close, this is the perfect locations for you to be at. Ceaseless bus services and a bus station directly before the market make it advantageous for transportation which is modest too. The market is separated into two sections with shops on the two sides of the road. The tight back streets are stuffed with customers and merchants yelling as loud as possible to catch their eye with different offers, and it is a sluggish stroll to cover the entire market. Choose customized Mauritius Packages from India!

3. The Flacq Market

Remaining on the largest district by size in Mauritius and furthermore being a huge village by a similar name, it has acquired its standing as the greatest open air market in Mauritius. The lively and beautiful slows down are the significant wellspring of fascination for individuals. The Flacq Market is the greatest open market in Mauritius. On the off chance that you are searching for best places toshop in Mauritius, this market will come as your salvage. Since it stays exceptionally occupied on the non-weekend days, visiting over the course of the weekend is encouraged. You can observe stuff like local fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, hats, local tea, textiles and more under one rooftop.

4. Armory – Pamplemousses District

Armory is the place where you ought to head in the event that you are taking a gander at good quality cashmere apparels. In addition, it is a decent center for very good quality items like lighting, apparels, and handicrafts. Once more, it is one of only a handful of exceptional spots for shopping in Mauritius, where you’ll find factory outlets of some well-known brands. Mauritius Honeymoon Packages from Delhi for never ending romantic vacation!

5. The Mahebourg Market

The Mahebourg Market is one of the most outstanding shopping places in Mauritius. Situated close to the waterfront, the market merits visiting. It is a day to day market however goes terrific each Monday. It is an ideal spot to attempt some local snacks like hot fritters, samosas, dhalpuri and more delectable dishes. Remember to show your bartering abilities in the warm environment of the market.

6. Grand Baie Market

An area of interest for shopping darling vacationers, the Bazaar de Grand Baie is a secret commercial center loaded up with bounty of stalls and shops in a rear entryway close to the Royal Road. It has the vibe of a run of the mill local market and way of life of individuals.

It is the ideal locations to find local arts and paintings, handcrafted stones, gold and silver jewellery and adornments accessible in various shapes, sizes, designs and colors. Because of the restrictive craftsmanship and bunches of exertion put in to create these objects, the value will in general be somewhat higher. Be that as it may, one the other hand, the Grand Baie is notable for its low price gone shirts and bags and a variety of bright textures. The false designer wear has an adequately nice quality and comes at a small price which can be helpful for unpleasant use for domestic purposes. Mauritius Holiday Packages for a fun-filled vacation amidst nature!

Mauritius’ traditional markets are vivid undertakings and the spot to bag a deal. There’s a market consistently some place on the island, however each has its own personality and flavor. Aside from Port Louis’ Central Market, markets start early and nearby 4pm, offering everything from vanilla pods and flavors to counterfeit designer T-shirts, pareos (sarongs),saris, and crafts, for example, traditional baskets, leatherwear and Indian textiles. Things are normally around 66% of the cost in shops, and you ought to deal, which is normal practice here. Begin by offering a fourth of the value proposed, and edging up, and in any event, leaving if important, to arrive at a split the difference; you ought to hope to pay about 33% of the underlying cost.

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