Plan-out Amazing Eastern Europe Tour

Eastern Europe Tours

Are you planning an Eastern Europe tour? Looking for interesting places to visit in Eastern Europe? Then go for Kiev, capital of Ukraine which is one of the oldest cities in Europe with impressive historical heritage. Lviv, Odessa, Belgrade, St. Petersburg and Moscow are some of the amazing cities of Eastern Europe which are worth a visit. Kiev today remains to be a influential center of religion, and you can easily feel it while exploring the city, as many of the main places of interest in Kiev are somehow related to Orthodoxy (such as thousands years old temples and monasteries that are now included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage).

You won’t find palaces and castle in Kiev, traditional for France, Spain, Italy or Great Britain, but Kiev positively has its own charm and beauty. Old temples, enchanting mansions, picturesque parks and even empire style buildings of Soviet era naturally fit into original and panoramic landscapes of the city.

Another reason to come to Kiev is its humble people. Ukrainians are mostly open, friendly, and hospitable. All people are interesting there, not just renowned babushkas. Watch elder citizens, middle-aged folks (looking still a little bit soviet like), and diverse youth. Life in the city always bubbles, political but always peaceful demonstrations in the city downtown intermingle with artists, street musicians, carousels and clowns.

Unfortunately, it’s rare to hear English in Kiev, as well as all the street signboards are in Cyrillic, but this problem can be easily fixed if you hire an experienced English speaking guide who can also hold a Kiev tours and in general will help you feel comfortable in Kiev.

Traditional Ukrainian food is rather unusual. Sour-sweet-salty soup made of cabbage, potatoes, beetroots, and carrots (called borsch) sounds exotic, but it tastes delicious. Dumplings with mixture of tasty combination like (meat, liver or even cherry) also leave lasting impression. There are good number of cafes and restaurants in the city, and you can have huge variety of food for any budget, either cheap food joints where you can eat like a pig for just 5-8 dollars (like Puzata Khata), or some expensive ones (Tsarske Selo, O’Panas so on). If you still prefer European cuisine, there are many places to dine out in the city center as well. The key thing for foodies in Kiev is to try!

Night life in Kiev is very alluring. Many pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants remain open well past midnight and offer varieties of programs. To know the city nightlife better, again you will need local guide advice. Kiev lives rich sporty life, which may be the key motivation factor for you to visit capital of Ukraine in late spring or in summer. Kiev is not only the birthplace of the world-known boxers undefeated brothers Klitschko (by the way, the elder brother Vitaliy is a deputy of Kiev Council) but a magnetizing city filled with jewels.

So, why not book Eastern Europe Tour package from Delhi? It’s amazing, not less at all and comparatively cheap. You can also checkout Lviv holiday package along with Kiev and Odessa if you are looking for long trip.