Honeymoon in Dubai, List of Top Attention-Grabbing Places to Visit

Dubai is becoming a new hotspot as a honeymoon destination amongst people who want to visit a place that gives them the ‘all in one’ experience. Dubai is a honeymoon destination, it offers ultra-luxury lifestyle, massive shopping malls, eye-popping skyline, some extreme theme parks and of course a romantic getaway. With a Dubai honeymoon package designed by iNeedTrip, you will create some amazing lifetime memories. It is like an oasis in the desert, on one side you get to try out desert safari in the Sahara and on the other side you get to walk on the white sands of the Jumeirah Beach.

A Dubai Honeymoon Package for a stress-free vacation. Let’s quickly get to the list of some of the must-visit places in Dubai on your honeymoon. Hello Dubai, here we go!

Don’t Miss Out! Top Places to Visit On Your Dubai Trip

Dubai is a lot more than just tall and expensive buildings, Dubai is waiting for you to explore its artificial islands, its sky-high buildings, and its exclusive beaches. The place is in true sense what you could call a dream destination for anyone around the world. Here’s the list you have been waiting to see:

The Burj Khalifa

It doesn’t need an introduction, one of the tallest buildings in the world and a famous movie shooting destination as well, the Burj Khalifa is probably the most important tourist attraction of Dubai. Our Dubai Honeymoon package will take you to tour this massive skyscraper and you must not miss out on the view from the top. Dubai Trip Package surely lets you explore the best of Dubai!

The Dubai Fountain

It’s an artistic brilliance, the marvelous choreography of sight and music is just breathtaking. Watching this 5-minute show with your partner, at this place will create a memory of a lifetime. The water shoots up to 500 feet high and what more? It’s free to visit.

Kite Beach

If a colorful sky mesmerizes you, this is the place you must visit. The Kite Beach in Dubai as the name goes is famous for kitesurfing, you will see hundreds of people surfing the waves with colorful kites flying high in the air. You can also try your hand at it; there are local guides who’ll help you with a ride. Besides that, it is a beach, so you can always lie down in the white sand and get a sunbath, or get there in the evening and go for that special candlelight dinner beside the beach. Opt for a Dubai Trip Package for best offers!

Other best places to get a glimpse include: Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Dolphinarium and so the list goes on and on.

Looking for some fun & romantic activities to try out together? Here’s the list

Choose customized Dubai Trip Packages. It doesn’t really matter where you go, what matters is what you do, so iNeedtrip has created a small list of activities that will not only give you a chance to bond but also get to test each other’s adventure limits. Here’s the list:

Dubai Underwater Aquarium & Zoo

Located within The Dubai Mall, this is a place that’ll leave you awestruck, watching giant-sized sharks to witness hundreds of species of fishes, the world’s most famous zoo is a must visit attraction.

Dubai Creek- Dhow Ride

The local cruises in Dubai are called Dhows. We’ll take you on a Dhow ride, visiting the Dubai Creek in the evening, with free music and dinner on us, whilst you experience the amazing old-styled buildings at the sides.

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most sought after activities; iNeedTrip’s Dubai honeymoon package includes a complete day to watch the Tanoura show, witness some belly dancing and go dune bashing in a land cruiser. Enjoy the Desert Safari Dubai!


Imagine watching the palm islands from that incredible height and getting closer to them by each passing second. Skydiving in Dubai should be on your things-to-do list.

Hot air balloon ride

An end to a perfect evening, a hot air balloon ride with your loved one, is something you must-try. Imagine the moment when you’ll be watching Dubai from above, catching the sunset hand-in-hand with your partner. Enjoy the hot air balloon ride with our Dubai Honeymoon Package!

The Food that’ll blow your mind

When we first reviewed the local cuisines of Dubai, we were surprised by the sheer amount of variety and the taste that varies from place to place. Dubai has so many must-try dishes that even if you try a different dish for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you probably won’t be able to try all of them even by a week. Here, we have mentioned some mouth-watering dishes that’ll blow your mind.

For Vegetarians:

The dish is a flatbread topped with Akkawi cheese and the Zaatar herbs. It’s a lebanese dish with a Arabian twist. It is commonly eaten as breakfast and once you try it, you won’t mind eating it for dinner too. A Dubai trip lets you relish the best dishes.

Fatteh is a mouth-watering three-layered dish, the base is made with soaked bread, the mid part is stuffed with chickpeas and it is topped with tahini-sauce and yogurt. The dish tastes as good as it looks.

Kellaj is more like a sweet pizza that you’ll just want to keep eating. It is made with bread stuffed with halloumi cheese and grilled charcoal; once the dish is ready, sugar is sprinkled over it, for that sweet-cheesy taste.

It’s a dessert like no other, it is a crunchy pastry filled with cheese. It looks like something made of thin noodles but it is actually a sweet dish that has a lot of cheese and nuts. Often topped with pistachios, Knafeh is a must try dish.
For the Non-Vegetarians:

Al Machboos
One of the most famous dishes in Dubai, the Al Machboos is a dish made of rice, onion, loomi (a local spice), ginger, garlic and much more. Chicken, lamb or seafood is added to the dish as per your choice; do we see water in your mouth?

Al Harees
If you had to give a medal to a dish that takes in so much yet so little preparation this would be it. Al Harees is basically wheat and meat and a little salt, mixed and baked for hours and hours until the time when you can’t spot the difference between the two. This is the most served dish during festivals.

Lahem bl ajim
Known as the Arab Pizza, Lahem bl ajim is a Lebanese dish that has a bread base that is baked and topped with grind down meat. The dish is often spicy and if you want to take your taste buds for a ride, this is a must-try dish for you.

For the Shopaholics, here’s your dream shopping destination!

For all you shopaholics, every year Dubai hosts an annual shopping festival between December and February, where you can get your favorite merchandise at jaw-dropping prices. However, if your Dubai trip is not around these months then here is a list of places created by iNeedtrip where you can shop your heart out.

The Dubai Mall
Expanding in an area over 12 million sq feet, the world’s biggest mall had to be at the top of the list. The mall has over 1500 shops and over 30000 employees working within them, you could call it a city of its own. With high-end designer shops to local merchandise and souvenir shops, the Dubai Mall is a dream for shopping enthusiasts. This should be the first place you visit when you step out to shop. The perfect Dubai Trip Package takes you to explore exciting places.

Global Village, Dubai
You can include this place in your list of must-visit places in Dubai as well; the Dubai Global Village is a unique concept that presents different cultures around the world in a single place. You will see small villages or sets of over 90 countries where you can experience their culture, food, shops and much more.

The Souks
Dubai has four souks namely, The Textile Souk, The Perfume Souk, The Gold Souk and The Spices Souk, each offering a distinctive shopping experience to the customer. If you want to get your hands on some exclusive textile The Textile Souk is the place for you and if fragrances allure you then The Perfume Souk would be your go-to place. Even if you don’t look forward to purchasing any of the items they represent, the souks in Dubai should not be missed.
Of course, there are many other shopping places that you can visit on your Dubai trip with iNeedtrip but the ones mentioned above are a must. Honorary mentions include the City Walk and the Ibn Battuta Mall.

Getting ready for your trip to Dubai?

It goes without a thought that Dubai is a place that’ll give you complete satisfaction as a honeymoon destination. Although being considered to be a city for business, the city’s changing dynamics and a wide range of tourist attractions make it a perfect honeymoon destination. If you are looking for a place that’ll give you adventure, calm, beach and desert all in one place, Dubai is the place for you. If you want a customized Dubai Honeymoon Package, iNeedtrip is here for you.

Dubai Honeymoon Tour Packages from India

dubai tour package

Secrets That No One Else Knows About Dubai

When you reach Dubai, you can pamper yourself be a great deal of experiences. Dubai is the best destination for a family holiday with a massive selection of things to do. Well, it gives you a chance to do just that! According to a study it is considered as the 22nd most expensive city in the whole world and it is also believed as one of the astounding places to live in Middle East. It is also a great honeymoon destination where you forget everything else in the world and simply enjoy your day. Over the years it has built a reputation as one of the biggest shopping destinations in the world.

Dubai tour packages from India

Dubai is famous for its variety of holiday sightseeing. The best thing about Dubai is that there’s not only type of tasty food available here but as one of the top travel destination by the tourist all around the world. It has grown into the ultimate entertainment destination with something for everyone. As per last statistics, it has become one of the most expensive cities in the world and has also been rated as the best place to live in the Middle East. It is just the place for you.

If you are looking for best honeymoon tour packages Dubai from India then Dubai is the best option to go with without second thought. If you’re yet to choose the destination to visit in summer break then, finalize Thailand. You would be astounded at its destinations including historical sites and temples. The perfect destination is the one which suits your interests, needs and budgets. If you’re looking for a special destination which is both a dynamic small business centre and a tourist paradise, look no more.

honeymoon tour packages

Honeymoon surely aids the couple get to understand one another, thus, everything regarding your honeymoon should be ideal so you can live all your dreams and fantasies. A honeymoon in Dubai is certain to make one fall in love with the place, regardless of the heat. So ensure that you choose best destination to remember for the remainder of your life. Your honeymoon is just one of the most memorable holidays you will take in your lifetime which means it ought to be special. If you’re interested for domestic destination to enjoy with family, partner, and group holidays, then Manali is prepared to expose the actual colors of nature amid an actual tranquility.

The Importance of Dubai Honeymoon Tour Packages from India

Comprising of well-planned itineraries, the packages incorporate numerous sites to see and endless choices to relish. Travel Packages permit you to learn more about the attractiveness of your fantasy destination in a well-planned and hassle-free way. With an appreciable research and the suitable travel planners, you can acquire cheap Dubai packages for a budget travel program.

What Does Dubai Honeymoon Tour Packages from India Mean?

Our every package is designed according to the customer’s wants and desires so that you are able to secure an unforgettable travel experience. Such packages are the very best choice to produce successful tour with no risk. Most Dubai Packages will have a trip to the greatest mall in the Earth, the Dubai Mall. So if you’re looking for convenient and comfortable Dubai tour packages then you have arrived at the perfect spot.

Facts, Fiction and Dubai Honeymoon Tour Packages from India

Our Dubai honeymoon package covers a wide variety of activities which are specially intended for newly-weds and couples on their honeymoons. Dubai Packages is an intoxicating mixture of cuisines and cultures from all around the world! Our Dubai tour packages from India incorporate nearly all of the well-known places so you may explore the majority of your Dubai vacation.

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The packages provide great deals together with immense convenience during the trip. You may also customize your tour package in accordance with your requirement and destinations. Tour packages are the perfect choice to pay visit to a few of the very best tourist places in India. Browse through the list of global tour packages provided by us and decide on the ones that you find best.

Our packages are available on the internet and can avail them at competitive rates. Dubai holiday packages are certain to bring fun and adventure to the full family. Our holiday packages are certain to give you an unmatched experience and enable you to gather plenty of memories with your family members. Whether you’re searching for Manali tour packages with prices or hot bargains on holiday packages to Manali, we offer you the very best deal and advice to have a balanced choice.

Do not forget to book your tour package in advance for best experience and great deals.

Book Online Holiday Tour Packages from India

Dubai Holiday Packages

Online customize Holiday Tour packages according your interesting websites and accommodations. Travel N Tourist offer a complete tour packages If you are visiting an unknown place, you would never be able to explore it completely. You can choose the package which best meets your requirements. You may also book Domestic & International Holiday Tour Packages under your financial plan. Awesome Dubai Holiday tour packages in the very best season will supply you with surprising offers and you’ll get wondered on that.

There’s the same if you intend to book holiday tour packages for Dubai . Many couples also search for a feeling of excitement and they should try out something daring during their honeymoon. Honeymoon couples seek a quiet place to unwind and delight in one another’s company.

What You Need to Know About Holiday Tour Packages

It’s possible for you to test out a personal pick from the range of Dubai tour packages for couples that are brought to you by the nation’s best tour businesses. If you are searching for a decision to get captivated with the social, spiritual and traditional surroundings of Indian, a vacation to Gujarat may be the ideal option for you. Obviously, you own a decision to customize a tour package depending on your preferences. There are various types of travel choices and tourism packages which will help you experience the myriad tourist destinations in India. In addition, there are such a wide variety of alternatives to include in your Dubai stay that you may not wish to leave the country when your holiday duration ends.

The Upside to Holiday Tour Packages

Whether it is a family holiday or a honeymoon, you can decide on a package rather than planning things single-handedly. In case you should arrange your Holidays to Dubai, there’s couple of things to think about before making up your agenda. If you’re planning your vacation in Dubai, then you have to be searching for the finest Dubai packages. Taking you through a number of the crucial aspects honeymoon couples would want to concentrate on, the very first focus area when planning a honeymoon is to identify what kind of holiday you would want to spend. So that your trip is going to be a nice one in the event that you prefer your trip through ship. According to the seasoned travelers, purchasing a holiday package has become the most proper choice to plan your journey. Although small in dimension, you’ll have so much to explore as the both of you journey through the nation that’s famous for its mesmerizing beauty.

There are several Dubai honeymoon destinations that are perfect to have this kind of adventurous holiday. You just need to adhere to the itinerary and be ready according to their time so the whole program goes smoothly with no type of fuss. Out of all of the wonderful beach locations you’re able to have in your honeymoon itinerary, a trip to Arugambay Beach takes a major spot. Use the instructed itineraries to help you propose your very own good Australian holiday’s adviser. On the flip side, tour itinerary is an extraordinary plan to start creating your sites visits as it’s more helpful in regards to any tour planning. Whether you like domestic or worldwide tours, value-for-money is the important indicator that you want to keep under consideration. Bundle visit supplies a substantial measure of points of interest to the customer and furthermore the visit administrator.