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To make it quite a memorable event, you should plan well beforehand, so you have everything ready by the day of your travels. Just take a look at the brief list to check whether at least one of these places tempt you and work well in your financial plan. There are several historical places and buildings to see. As you read the remainder of the report, you will discover many suggestions and options for a family vacation. If you both love visiting places of pure beauty, then pick a location where you can spend time in the middle of nature, such as, for instance, a hill station or a beach.

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10 Best Historical Places in Mauritius

If you’re planning a vacation in Mauritius then make sure to add these historical places in your checklist and discover the mysterious and mystifying facts about these ancient heritages.

  1. Aapravasi Ghat: Aapravasi Ghat. In the district of Port Louis, lies the 1,640 m2 site where the modern indentured labour diaspora began. The Immigration Depot is a building complex located in Port Louis on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, the first British colony to receive indentured, or contracted, labour workforce from India.
  2. La Route du Thé: La Route du Thé, du Rhum et de la Vanille is a unique and charming excursion combining history, culture and gastronomy.
  3. Baie de l’Arsenal: Baie de l’Arsenal Marine National Park Marine National Park – a Marine Protected Area in Mauritius – Regulations – MPA Global.
  4. Beau Plan Sugar Mill: Rising above the sea of green sugar cane fields, like a great ship at anchor, the old Beau Plan sugar mill with its long history is a true history-maker and teller.
  5. St. Aubin House: A visit to the St Aubin house is a fascinating experience where you’ll learn about sugar plantation and rum making at the local distillery.
  6. Eureka House: One of the island’s best-loved historic sites and visitor attractions, Eureka House is a stately Creole mansion completed in 1830 and originally owned by French and British aristocrats.
  7. Martello Tower: Martello towers, sometimes known simply as Martellos, are small defensive forts that were built across the British Empire during the 19th century, from the time of the French Revolutionary Wars onwards.
  8. Matthew Flinders Monument: Captain Matthew Flinders (16 March 1774 – 19 July 1814) was an English navigator and cartographer who led the second circumnavigation of New Holland that he would subsequently call “Australia or Terra Australis” and identified it as a continent. Abel Tasman had circumnavigated it more widely in 1642-43 [1] and had charted its north coast in 1644.
  9. Le Morne: Le Morne Brabant Mountain, situated as part of the Le Morne peninsula at the extreme southwestern tip of Mauritius is one of the most popular tourist attractions.
  10. Citadel Fort: Perched on top of the hill Petite Montague, the Citadel Fort is located at a height of 100 metres in Mauritius Island.

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