Honeymoon in Maldives, Top 7 Overwater Bungalows for an Exotic Stay

Are you planning for a honeymoon in Maldives? Make sure to choose your stay from the Overwater Bungalows. These all-inclusive resorts have short non-stop flights and are pretty much as rich as any Maldives resort. With Maldives Holiday Package, depart and reconnect with nature, yourself and your life partner in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. With delicate white sands and palm trees encompassing the island, be entranced by island life from the second you sit on the seaplane to the quiet shores.

1. Taj Exotica Maldives 

Getaway from the hectic and tumult of your daily existence, into extravagances at the lap of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa encompassed by the sky blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Experience something unique as you relax by the pool side or at your own private sea shore, laze in a lounger over the blue waters and just lay beneath the stars around evening time. Feel the adrenaline surging as you enjoy different types of water sports including snorkeling and scuba diving. Maldives Honeymoon Package will surely woo you!

2. Soneva Fushi

As one of the eco-friendly resorts in the Maldives, Soneva Fushi motto is ‘no news, no shoes’ and it takes its motto quite seriously. Radiating Robinson Crusoe-esque energy, the resort is outfitted with driftwood, mosquito nets and smooth conveniences camouflaged as primeval antiques.


For a Maldives Holiday Package, this resort will be a good choice as it offers a lot of complimentary treats, from free distinctive chocolate to rent kayaks. It makes an ideal spot for the couples! Get a personal steward for yourself, top notch food, wild adventures, explorations, and some relaxing water sports to anticipate you and your better half at this resort.

3. COMO Cocoa Island

Are you ready for your Maldives Honeymoon? Set on a lavish tropical atoll in the Maldives, among delicate white sea shores and perfectly clear lagoons, COMO Cocoa Island is the embodiment of shoeless stylish, yet complex in its luxury. With just 33 suites and villas on the island, 17 of which are changed over dhonis or local fishing boats and 16 being villas it certainly has that feeling of a boutique property.


Each bungalow is associated by a planked pavement, sitting seaward over the precious stone turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and has been brightened utilizing faded woods and natural textures with Kajan covered rooftops. Blue and white style further brings the ocean, sand and sky into the core of each room. This is praised by great cuisine at Ufaa, the island’s main restaurant which has a casual air, feasting by the pool and sea serving Keralan and international style dishes. Go for Maldives Holiday Package if you want to explore the best!

4. Six Senses Laamu

The six senses resort is the only resort in the south of Maldives. It is situated in Laamu, offering dazzling private villas with open bathrooms with downpour showers and lawn chairs. It is likewise well known for its spa and ayurvedic therapy. It additionally offers yoga classes and beauty services for a superior encounter and relaxed stay. Maldives Trip for a romantic and exciting vacation!

5. Hurawalhi Island Resort

This 5-star resort houses the biggest all-glass underwater restaurant in Maldives close by 4 multi-cuisine eateries, a spa and dive centre; spread on a private island. Visitors are stopped in stylish beachfront villas with outfitted decks, custom sound systems, plunge pools and steps prompting the sea. Snatch extravagant mixed drinks at their dazzling neon-lit champagne bar. Go Maldives Honeymoon Packagefor a unique vacation experience!

6. JOALI Maldives

Your Maldives Honeymoon is waiting for you! JOALI Maldives offers around 73 types of villas with private pools and mini bars. Each villa is exclusively outfitted and enriched. The rooms comprises 40-inch Flat screen televisions accompanying premium satellite channels, the beds have premium bedding, bathrooms have different baths and showers with a profound drenching shower and a precipitation showerhead.

7. Reethi Faru Resorts’

Reethi Faru Resorts’ definitive extravagance includes a poolside bar, a nightclub, sun loungers, a pool, and a spare treat embellishing the immense properties inside. The mysterious atmosphere and elite amenities of Reethi Faru Resort will constrain you to redefine elegance no matter what type of traveler you are. From romance to complete seclusion and from harmony to luxuriousness, Reethi Faru Resort will present to you each vacation flavor on a golden plate. Nothing is better than opting for Maldives Holiday Package!

Discover the perfect honeymoon package

The Maldives honeymoon package is ideal for those couples who want to experience high-end luxury in the Maldives. The package permits couples to enjoy luxury on an honor winning elite island escape with your better half where lethargic mornings by the poolside forge ahead to revivify wellbeing ventures in the afternoon and relishing exotic dining experiences under the stargazing land to end the day well.

For the couples searching for a luxurious stay, COMO Cocoa Island Resort is the best Maldives Honeymoon Package resort where you can choose to stay in the overwater bungalows as well as villas. If you’re hoping to spoil yourself and stir your drained soul, Reethi Faru Resort should be your ideal choice as it is encircled by rich vegetation and a relaxing spa centre. So pick these top resorts in Maldives for your honeymoon and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Honeymoon in Dubai, List of Top Attention-Grabbing Places to Visit

Dubai is becoming a new hotspot as a honeymoon destination amongst people who want to visit a place that gives them the ‘all in one’ experience. Dubai is a honeymoon destination, it offers ultra-luxury lifestyle, massive shopping malls, eye-popping skyline, some extreme theme parks and of course a romantic getaway. With a Dubai honeymoon package designed by iNeedTrip, you will create some amazing lifetime memories. It is like an oasis in the desert, on one side you get to try out desert safari in the Sahara and on the other side you get to walk on the white sands of the Jumeirah Beach.

A Dubai Honeymoon Package for a stress-free vacation. Let’s quickly get to the list of some of the must-visit places in Dubai on your honeymoon. Hello Dubai, here we go!

Don’t Miss Out! Top Places to Visit On Your Dubai Trip

Dubai is a lot more than just tall and expensive buildings, Dubai is waiting for you to explore its artificial islands, its sky-high buildings, and its exclusive beaches. The place is in true sense what you could call a dream destination for anyone around the world. Here’s the list you have been waiting to see:

The Burj Khalifa

It doesn’t need an introduction, one of the tallest buildings in the world and a famous movie shooting destination as well, the Burj Khalifa is probably the most important tourist attraction of Dubai. Our Dubai Honeymoon package will take you to tour this massive skyscraper and you must not miss out on the view from the top. Dubai Trip Package surely lets you explore the best of Dubai!

The Dubai Fountain

It’s an artistic brilliance, the marvelous choreography of sight and music is just breathtaking. Watching this 5-minute show with your partner, at this place will create a memory of a lifetime. The water shoots up to 500 feet high and what more? It’s free to visit.

Kite Beach

If a colorful sky mesmerizes you, this is the place you must visit. The Kite Beach in Dubai as the name goes is famous for kitesurfing, you will see hundreds of people surfing the waves with colorful kites flying high in the air. You can also try your hand at it; there are local guides who’ll help you with a ride. Besides that, it is a beach, so you can always lie down in the white sand and get a sunbath, or get there in the evening and go for that special candlelight dinner beside the beach. Opt for a Dubai Trip Package for best offers!

Other best places to get a glimpse include: Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Dolphinarium and so the list goes on and on.

Looking for some fun & romantic activities to try out together? Here’s the list

Choose customized Dubai Trip Packages. It doesn’t really matter where you go, what matters is what you do, so iNeedtrip has created a small list of activities that will not only give you a chance to bond but also get to test each other’s adventure limits. Here’s the list:

Dubai Underwater Aquarium & Zoo

Located within The Dubai Mall, this is a place that’ll leave you awestruck, watching giant-sized sharks to witness hundreds of species of fishes, the world’s most famous zoo is a must visit attraction.

Dubai Creek- Dhow Ride

The local cruises in Dubai are called Dhows. We’ll take you on a Dhow ride, visiting the Dubai Creek in the evening, with free music and dinner on us, whilst you experience the amazing old-styled buildings at the sides.

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most sought after activities; iNeedTrip’s Dubai honeymoon package includes a complete day to watch the Tanoura show, witness some belly dancing and go dune bashing in a land cruiser. Enjoy the Desert Safari Dubai!


Imagine watching the palm islands from that incredible height and getting closer to them by each passing second. Skydiving in Dubai should be on your things-to-do list.

Hot air balloon ride

An end to a perfect evening, a hot air balloon ride with your loved one, is something you must-try. Imagine the moment when you’ll be watching Dubai from above, catching the sunset hand-in-hand with your partner. Enjoy the hot air balloon ride with our Dubai Honeymoon Package!

The Food that’ll blow your mind

When we first reviewed the local cuisines of Dubai, we were surprised by the sheer amount of variety and the taste that varies from place to place. Dubai has so many must-try dishes that even if you try a different dish for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you probably won’t be able to try all of them even by a week. Here, we have mentioned some mouth-watering dishes that’ll blow your mind.

For Vegetarians:

The dish is a flatbread topped with Akkawi cheese and the Zaatar herbs. It’s a lebanese dish with a Arabian twist. It is commonly eaten as breakfast and once you try it, you won’t mind eating it for dinner too. A Dubai trip lets you relish the best dishes.

Fatteh is a mouth-watering three-layered dish, the base is made with soaked bread, the mid part is stuffed with chickpeas and it is topped with tahini-sauce and yogurt. The dish tastes as good as it looks.

Kellaj is more like a sweet pizza that you’ll just want to keep eating. It is made with bread stuffed with halloumi cheese and grilled charcoal; once the dish is ready, sugar is sprinkled over it, for that sweet-cheesy taste.

It’s a dessert like no other, it is a crunchy pastry filled with cheese. It looks like something made of thin noodles but it is actually a sweet dish that has a lot of cheese and nuts. Often topped with pistachios, Knafeh is a must try dish.
For the Non-Vegetarians:

Al Machboos
One of the most famous dishes in Dubai, the Al Machboos is a dish made of rice, onion, loomi (a local spice), ginger, garlic and much more. Chicken, lamb or seafood is added to the dish as per your choice; do we see water in your mouth?

Al Harees
If you had to give a medal to a dish that takes in so much yet so little preparation this would be it. Al Harees is basically wheat and meat and a little salt, mixed and baked for hours and hours until the time when you can’t spot the difference between the two. This is the most served dish during festivals.

Lahem bl ajim
Known as the Arab Pizza, Lahem bl ajim is a Lebanese dish that has a bread base that is baked and topped with grind down meat. The dish is often spicy and if you want to take your taste buds for a ride, this is a must-try dish for you.

For the Shopaholics, here’s your dream shopping destination!

For all you shopaholics, every year Dubai hosts an annual shopping festival between December and February, where you can get your favorite merchandise at jaw-dropping prices. However, if your Dubai trip is not around these months then here is a list of places created by iNeedtrip where you can shop your heart out.

The Dubai Mall
Expanding in an area over 12 million sq feet, the world’s biggest mall had to be at the top of the list. The mall has over 1500 shops and over 30000 employees working within them, you could call it a city of its own. With high-end designer shops to local merchandise and souvenir shops, the Dubai Mall is a dream for shopping enthusiasts. This should be the first place you visit when you step out to shop. The perfect Dubai Trip Package takes you to explore exciting places.

Global Village, Dubai
You can include this place in your list of must-visit places in Dubai as well; the Dubai Global Village is a unique concept that presents different cultures around the world in a single place. You will see small villages or sets of over 90 countries where you can experience their culture, food, shops and much more.

The Souks
Dubai has four souks namely, The Textile Souk, The Perfume Souk, The Gold Souk and The Spices Souk, each offering a distinctive shopping experience to the customer. If you want to get your hands on some exclusive textile The Textile Souk is the place for you and if fragrances allure you then The Perfume Souk would be your go-to place. Even if you don’t look forward to purchasing any of the items they represent, the souks in Dubai should not be missed.
Of course, there are many other shopping places that you can visit on your Dubai trip with iNeedtrip but the ones mentioned above are a must. Honorary mentions include the City Walk and the Ibn Battuta Mall.

Getting ready for your trip to Dubai?

It goes without a thought that Dubai is a place that’ll give you complete satisfaction as a honeymoon destination. Although being considered to be a city for business, the city’s changing dynamics and a wide range of tourist attractions make it a perfect honeymoon destination. If you are looking for a place that’ll give you adventure, calm, beach and desert all in one place, Dubai is the place for you. If you want a customized Dubai Honeymoon Package, iNeedtrip is here for you.

Boutique Resorts in Maldives, Truly the Epitome of Luxury Holiday

For the individuals who want to stay away from swarmed luxury mega resorts, the Maldives is unquestionably the top location. Boutique hotels here follow the rules, not the exemption and many selected resorts offer under 100 or not more than 50 rooms. And the fact that each resort is a private island, ensures serenity and seclusion among the perfectly clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and a stunning marine flora and fauna with a superior house reef. The rundown below highlights the most elite resorts to stay, some with outwardly underwater residence:

Conrad Maldives

Conrad Maldives in Rangali Island is a paradise island. Isolated from the rest of the world, this lavish resort praises the Maldives in its purest form- unblemished, tranquil, and totally extraordinary. The retreat, settled in the South Ari Atoll, has around 42 dive points and is the ideal region for searching out Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Turtles and sandbars of multicolor marine life. Maldives Tours offers you the best exotic experience.

You can decide to stay at the glass-roofed Water villas, Beach or Retreat Villas- each sumptuous and charmingly ornamented. We particularly suggest the last ones, as they are put on the braces over the warm shallow waters of Indian Ocean. There are 12 restaurants here you can browse, however feasting at the first underwater restaurant in the world where the tables are 5m beneath the surface will be something to recollect. Get best offers on Maldives Tour Package!

Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi is a breathtakingly full-fledged Maldivian hidey-hole with unbelievable sea shores, glorious service and the world’s first underwater spa. It takes only 30 minutes by speedboat from the Male airport. Huvafen Fushi is designed in Maldivian style as well as with a touch of hip and modish style; covered manors outwardly and within, extraordinary services, modern interiors, high-tech equipment, and to wrap things up cool events are organized for the guests which add to make Huvafen Fushi a really awe-inspiring island. Go for Maldives Package from India for a hassle-free vacation!

You will be affectionately invited at the Male airport and accompanied to a plush lounge before speedboat transfer. The boat’s staff is amicable and enlightening. There is wifi ready, so you can share selfies with your loved ones just after reaching. Just 30-minutes speedboat ride and show up at the island to be met by an inviting team on the pier complete with cold towels and exotic drinks. No check-in required, for example, the butler will take you directly to your room.

No surprise, why Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose to hang out here! The surrounding areas offer you with a lot of alternatives- from visiting local restaurants, romantic candlelight dinners at the beach, canoeing, snorkeling, windsurfing and others.

Ideal spot for a treasured romantic retreat! Plan your Maldives trip and choose a customized Maldives Tour Package!

Per Aquum Niyama Maldives

One of the little pearls on the line of the Maldives, the Dhaalu atoll is home to the cool, unquestionably popular Niyama Resort by Per AQUUM. With a choice of accommodation, facilities and activities adequate enough to keep visitors of all preferences happy, Niyama is a new and astounding beach retreat for the insightful voyager looking for what’s happening.

Smooth, snazzy villas and porches furnished with the trending art technology, brag their own pools and offering private butler service, with dazzling sights of the completely clear turquoise waters encompassing the island. Dining choices vary from relaxed poolside snacks or boisterous ethnic grills on the sand to heartfelt private meals on the edge of the sea, also Subsix, the unique underwater playground for adults.

For the audacious visitors, a series of common and uncommon water sports are on offer, sure to keep any desert island apathy under control. In the meantime, for those looking for something somewhat more unwinding, Lime Spa offers extravagant healing to calm and revive your body. Don’t miss it! All inclusive Maldives Package for your next vacation!

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas sits on Kihavah Huravalhi Island in the pleasant Baa Atoll, encircled by tranquil blue seas. The retreat is in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Hanifaru Bay, where sea fans can partake in the most plentiful waters in the entirety of the Maldives. Once spent, visitors get back to this lavish tropical retreat year after year to encounter more than fine white sands and unspoiled greenish-blue lagoons. Here, you can scuba dive among the colorful reefs, parasail in clear blue skies, appreciate a movie under the stars, wine and feast beneath the sea or invigorate in the spa.
Dive into the romance of togetherness with blissful Maldives Tour Package from India!

One & Only, Reethi-Rah

One & Only is one of the largest and most commended resorts in the world. Everything here is considered to be awesome, from the choice of select conveniences (12 beaches, pools for adults only, the only sun spa in Maldives and climbing divider) to the extravagant yacht transfer from the airport to the resort and outstanding staff.

Soneva Jani, Medhufaru, Maldives

Another highly-praised luxury resort Soneva Jani resort with only 24 private villa resorts, it has everything. Each villa flaunts its own private pool and retractable bedroom roof to consider late evening stargazing, while assuming you need to have some energetic fun, you can fly over to the drifting quiet film or slide into the ocean of your private villa water located just below the doorstep.

You might miss out on an opportunity to explore an outwardly vacation destination. Maldives Package from India, here’s your chance to holiday somewhere exceptional!

Weekend Tour Packages

At the end of a grueling, mad week, all we need is the weekend to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves. However, there’s no better way to unwind and relax than going on a short trip. Traveling is therapeutic and it really helps to replenish our mind, body and spirits. No matter how hard and arduous, the entire week has been for you, a nice weekend getaway is all you need to restore your energies and getting back on the track. Studies have also shown tremendous benefits of a weekend trip, especially to the mental health which is quite crucial in the times that we’re living in currently. A nice and lovely weekend getaway uplifts one’s spirits like nothing and it is indeed the best way to seek solace and refuge from the hustle and bustle of regular life and stressful days. Tripsgateway understands the significance of having a good weekend trip and we make sure that your weekend trip truly helps you to unwind and relax. That’s why we have some incredible weekend holiday packages in store for you that are exclusively created to make your weekend trip worthwhile. You can book these tour packages and have a fulfilling and amazing weekend spent at exquisite destinations. These packages come up with amazing itineraries and thoughtful arrangements that make you feel comfortable and keep the unwanted hassles at bay throughout your trip so that you can make the most of your weekend holiday.  

Best weekend holiday packages you can try

These are our exclusive weekend tour and holiday packages that you can book and enjoy a fantastic weekend trip with your loved ones. These weekend packages are available in all themes such as adventure, family trip, romantic getaway, friends, honeymoon, cultural trip and so on. Apart from that, best of itineraries are in store for you with every single package. So pick the package that works the best for you from the catalogue with all the details given below and plan and customize your trip accordingly, just the way you like. At the heart of every weekend package that we curate for our travelers, what really lie is their best interests, choices and preferences that gives them the experience worthy to be remembered. So, here are all the weekend holiday packages by Tripsgateway that you can book for an exciting, happening and truly a wonderful weekend trip.

  • Dharamshala (2N, 3D): This can be a perfect weekend getaway for all adventure lovers and seekers out there. Hotel Shiva Castle is included in this package and you can also expect world class facilities all inclusive in this luxury category package such as welcome drink, all meals, plush hotel stay and sightseeing of all the major tourist attractions and hotspots. A tranquil and soulful weekend trip has to begin from Himachal. Isn’t it?
  • Singapore Combo (3N, 4D): This package includes Singapore Cruise and Singapore stay with all the best facilities and inclusions such as Guided Tours, Cruise, Sightseeing, Meals for breakfast, and stay in amazing hotels. The hotel included in this package is 85 Beach Garden Hotel in Singapore and any other 5 star hotel of your choosing at Singapore Cruise. It also covers all the major tourist attractions.
  • Simply Yerevan (3N, 4D): This is a perfect package for a great weekend trip to Yerevan. Includes all the incredible itineraries and best facilities such as hotel stay, breakfast meal, airport transfers, and sightseeing of major tourist hotspots. You can get Hotel Silaichi which is one of the most popular and splendid hotels of Yerevan. It’s a customizable package so you can get a luxury, premium, deluxe or budgeted package as per your preferences.
  • Simply BAKU BB (3N, 4D): This customizable package offers stay in the Crossway Hotel, Baku which is one of the best hotels there. In addition to this, it also offers visa facility, airport transfers, sightseeing of major tourist attractions, and breakfast meal too.   
  • Modern Baku (4N, 5D): This package consists of hotel stay in Crossway Hotel, Baku, Sightseeing of all major tourist hotspots, visa facility, airport transfers and breakfast meals. It is a customizable weekend holiday package.
  • Discover Armenia (4N, 5D): Discover the best of Armenia in this exclusively curated weekend tour package: This package consists of hotel stay in the Hotel Silaichi, and other some of the best facilities such as breakfast meal, airport transfers, and sightseeing.
  • Switzerland of India- Srinagar SPL PKG (Ex-Delhi, 4N, 5D): This package consists of flight booking, hotel stay, breakfast and dinner, airport transfers and sightseeing of all amazing tourist attractions of Srinagar. This package includes hotel Dilshan Shopping Mall and Dilshan Restaurant, Srinagar.
  • Amazing Dubai (4N, 5D): This tour package consists of hotel stay in one of the most splendid hotels of Dubai – Arabian Park, Sightseeing of all major tourist attractions and meals for breakfast. It’s a standard package.
  • Mesmerising Bali (4N, 5D): This deluxe package to Bali offers a lot more than you can think of. This package consists of stay in one of the most opulent hotels of Bali Park Regis Kuta, breakfast meal, airport transfers, intercity transfers, sightseeing, visa.
  • Explore Almaty (4N, 5D): This deluxe package consists of all meals, hotel stay in Rixos Almaty Hotel, Sightseeing of all major tourist attractions, all time meals, airport transfers, and visa facility. It’s a customizable package.
  •  Fun Island Resort 03 N Package: Spend 3N at this lavish resort of Maldives. This deluxe package includes 3 night stay in Fun Island Resort and Spa, all meals, welcome drinks, airport transfers, and Visa facility.
  • Sun Island Resort and Spa (3N, 4D): Available in deluxe and Luxury category, this exotic resort of Maldives is all yours for 3N. This package consists of all meals, welcome drink, visa facility and airport transfer.

Plan-out Amazing Eastern Europe Tour

Eastern Europe Tours

Are you planning an Eastern Europe tour? Looking for interesting places to visit in Eastern Europe? Then go for Kiev, capital of Ukraine which is one of the oldest cities in Europe with impressive historical heritage. Lviv, Odessa, Belgrade, St. Petersburg and Moscow are some of the amazing cities of Eastern Europe which are worth a visit. Kiev today remains to be a influential center of religion, and you can easily feel it while exploring the city, as many of the main places of interest in Kiev are somehow related to Orthodoxy (such as thousands years old temples and monasteries that are now included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage).

You won’t find palaces and castle in Kiev, traditional for France, Spain, Italy or Great Britain, but Kiev positively has its own charm and beauty. Old temples, enchanting mansions, picturesque parks and even empire style buildings of Soviet era naturally fit into original and panoramic landscapes of the city.

Another reason to come to Kiev is its humble people. Ukrainians are mostly open, friendly, and hospitable. All people are interesting there, not just renowned babushkas. Watch elder citizens, middle-aged folks (looking still a little bit soviet like), and diverse youth. Life in the city always bubbles, political but always peaceful demonstrations in the city downtown intermingle with artists, street musicians, carousels and clowns.

Unfortunately, it’s rare to hear English in Kiev, as well as all the street signboards are in Cyrillic, but this problem can be easily fixed if you hire an experienced English speaking guide who can also hold a Kiev tours and in general will help you feel comfortable in Kiev.

Traditional Ukrainian food is rather unusual. Sour-sweet-salty soup made of cabbage, potatoes, beetroots, and carrots (called borsch) sounds exotic, but it tastes delicious. Dumplings with mixture of tasty combination like (meat, liver or even cherry) also leave lasting impression. There are good number of cafes and restaurants in the city, and you can have huge variety of food for any budget, either cheap food joints where you can eat like a pig for just 5-8 dollars (like Puzata Khata), or some expensive ones (Tsarske Selo, O’Panas so on). If you still prefer European cuisine, there are many places to dine out in the city center as well. The key thing for foodies in Kiev is to try!

Night life in Kiev is very alluring. Many pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants remain open well past midnight and offer varieties of programs. To know the city nightlife better, again you will need local guide advice. Kiev lives rich sporty life, which may be the key motivation factor for you to visit capital of Ukraine in late spring or in summer. Kiev is not only the birthplace of the world-known boxers undefeated brothers Klitschko (by the way, the elder brother Vitaliy is a deputy of Kiev Council) but a magnetizing city filled with jewels.

So, why not book Eastern Europe Tour package from Delhi? It’s amazing, not less at all and comparatively cheap. You can also checkout Lviv holiday package along with Kiev and Odessa if you are looking for long trip.

Maldives Holiday Packages From India

Maldives Tour Package

Maldives is a perfect destination for a really memorable romantic getaway! Maldives is a rather common beach destination and among the most beautiful Island countries in Asia. Maldives is an ideal case of good things coming in little packages. Maldives is quite a modest country but is blessed with incredible all-natural charm. Maldives is a lovely island country that’s found in the Indian Ocean near India’s Lakshadweep islands. Maldives has it all the perfect flavors to create your holidays persist for a lifetime. Maldives has various mosques that are the important attraction for tourists.

Over time tourism has rapidly grown and it is a significant sector for many regions and countries all around the world. It generates a huge amount of employment opportunity for the people and ticketing also is one of them. Whereas, the business is crowded with travel businesses and their agents, it is essential for you to compare identical packages provided by them. From time to time, in preparing visas, the package tour provider helps clients which you have to confirm.

Every island is so far better than with all these elements to experience. Manukan Island is known for water sports and activities. The island is situated on North Male Atoll. Actually, a lot of the islands also function as private resort sanctuaries. One of the absolute most important islands in the nation is Nalaguraidhoo Island. While vacationing in the nation, you would run into some of the most romantic beaches on earth. The resort also provides PADI-accredited courses.

A yachting holiday is often regarded as among the trappings of the wealthy and famous. Maldives holidays can provide you a bit of lifetime memories. They can therefore load you with some beautiful memories which you would cherish lifelong. If you intend to get married, look at spending your honeymoon in the nation.

For you, the entire intention of creating a visit to Maldives must be covering all well-known tourists’ spots and country sides, although you may discover big difference in assortments of package offers. Excellent travel ideas in Maldives are so many you will find it challenging to accommodate all them within a trip. Traveling permits you to look past the familiarities of your common kitchen to go through the habits of distinct cultures in addition to bask in the distinct flavors of the community culinary heritage. Considered as an ideal beach destination, the area is also believed to be heaven on earth’. There are, in addition, some religious places in Maldives like the Grand Friday mosque, that’s the largest mosque of the nation and the Islamic Centre. Apart from romantic ambience, it is also famous for its adventurous streak. These nations have practices that maintain various manners of etiquette associated with their cuisine that are inherent to the heritage and are on the significance of the culture.

The Insider Secrets of Singapore Holiday Packages

Singapore Holiday Package

Singapore is among the most wanted tourist places in Southeast Asia. It is also very famous for its shopping which is the people’s favorite time pass and enjoyable activity. It is arguably the most developed country in the entire Southeast region. It is one of the great cities of the world, with its blend of Asian and European cultures. It is one of the richest countries in Asia and ranks in the top five of the richest countries of the world. It is on the crossway of all the major international trading routes. Budget tour packages Singapore are readily available on the market.

Singapore Holiday Packages – What Is It?

Booking a Holiday Package is an amazing means to lower stress on the next holiday, so go right ahead and leave the hassle to somebody else on your next trip to Singapore. Singapore Holiday Packages provide golden chance for tourists to see and explore a number of the magnificent tourist’s places and sightseeing places that are truly incredible and unmatched by another tourist place of earth. Our Singapore holiday packages incorporate a broad range of things to see and do for folks to delight in the perfect and thrilling adventure to produce your vacation relaxing and pleasant. An individual can come across cheap Singapore holiday packages from the TravelNTourist tour operator.

Facts, Fiction and Singapore Holiday Packages

There are a lot of holidays, and company travellers flock to the nation. Holidays in Singapore may be the ideal way for those who want a rest out of their day-today hectic and monotonous schedules. With the development of many cheaper flights, many folks are now able to think about planning their holidays in Singapore. So let’s see how you’re able to take advantage of your Singapore holidays!

One of the most significant attractions of the nation is the Jurong Bird Park that’s the very best location to acquire personal with a large number of birds including macaws and penguins. Inside the premises, there are many other attractions also. There are lots of attractions that you will that you are able to run into in Singapore packages that have made Singapore tourism more popular.

Travel package will remain costly and aren’t flexible. A Singapore travel package gives you a chance to peep into the historical past of the nation by arranging for a tour to a number of the best museums of the nation. Singapore tour packages promises to completely immerse you in the experience till you return by offering you everything which you deserve on your journey. While planning for Singapore holiday, purchasing a tour packages for Singapore is truly a superior choice. There are a number of Singapore Malaysia Tour packages out there for people that are planning to stop by the place with their loved ones.

Whether you’re planning your Honeymoon tour or you wish to find a solo trip, we’re best at all planned-itineraries you want to find. The tour concludes with a trip to Tanah Lot where you are able to observe the renowned sea temple. Singapore tours are cheap and fit everybody’s budget expectations and you may even customize it based on your requirement.

Singapore is a significant metropolitan hub, but it doesn’t indicate it’s merely a place of businesses. It offers a wide range of tourist attractions that draws travel enthusiasts from all over the world. It is a very clean and safe city to live which is one of the reasons you would like being there. It has a lot of interesting activities for children as well. It has a decent selection of movies on offer, but they really need to build in a return-to-play feature. One reason why it has always been a favorite family holiday destination is because it is a budget destination. Marina Bay Sands Singapore is famous for its Marina Bay, which is extremely grand in regards to approach.

It is possible to visit Singapore anytime of the year as there are not any distinct seasons. Singapore is also called shopping paradise worldwide. Widely called the visitor’s paradise, it is one of the most sorted out holiday destinations in the world. It has been spellbinding everyone with its amazing beauty and culture from all over the world. It is considered one of the best places to explore in Asia. Singapore, officially called the Republic of Singapore, is undoubtedly among the most visited cities amongst tourists from all around the planet.

Pattaya, Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand Tour Packages

As a means to negotiate a deal you may have to be in Pattaya. Pattaya is a lovely island where folks come and delight in their distinctive moment. With this much to offer to the travelers, Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations that are ideal for all sorts of travelers that range from honeymooners to families and friends too. It is one of the beautiful destinations which are graceful with uncountable of tourist attractions and attracts visitors all over the world.

Catering to all types of tourists, it’s the ideal spot for fun. It’s not possible to really understand a location till you know its past. The place is, in addition, the keeper of the most significant collection of Buddha images in Thailand. If you are searching for the ideal place to reconnect with family and friends, book a visit to Pattaya. The scenic radiant place is quite worth to visit and take pleasure in the important part mythical vacation. So book ahead to discover the rooms you want. The larger rooms are often fun because you can eavesdrop on conversations.

For the first two or three days, you might need a hotel in Thailand until you discover a house or an apartment for rent. For example, if you book a hotel with a particular policy, they may not allow you to bring back a guest to your room. When you book a hotel in Bangkok you need to be cautious of a few things. The resorts are stationed close to the active hotspot areas at a specific place so it is easy to commute to such locations. Don’t forget to tell the resort where and if you want to get picked up.

There won’t be any refund, in the event the Clients, or any member of his party, can’t travel because of the said reasons. Customers are the gist of our company hence we grant them with the liberty to go for the membership they prefer. Our also offer online VISA services which is user friendly and simple to access. Company isn’t responsible in the event the passenger isn’t carrying the original passport and not permitted to board the flight. The marketplace is a great place to discover handicrafts, antiques and souvenirs, aside from the normal buys.

Among the great attractions of Thailand is that it’s cheap. Visitors to Koh Samui are going to be content to know that we have numerous day tours to pick from. Interested travelers will be pleased to be aware that the nightlife of Pattaya is among the most happening on the planet.

Tour itinerary can’t be changed according to the passenger convenience. Your visit to Bangkok isn’t completed if you don’t have observed the subtle and intricate elegance of the Temples. A number of these day tours also provide a complementary lunch on the boat. Koh Samui tours are provided by the majority of the neighborhood travel agents and may also be booked in advance on-line. Fishing trips are also quite common in Koh Samui, where visitors may enjoy their catch after a lengthy day of fishing. Remainder of the Day is Free for own pursuits. After check-in, while the remaining portion of the day is free at leisure all on your own.

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Most Famous Holiday Destination Dubai

If you plan your honeymoon at the most suitable time in the most suitable location, the chances are endless. You have to plan your honeymoon during the spring season to go through the stunning cherry blossom trees that are in full bloom then. Your honeymoon is your opportunity to really go all out, doing the things you adore. Organising a wedding can be full on, thus we’re here in order to make planning your honeymoon as simple as possible.

If you’re more interested in staying a tiny active on your honeymoon, there are tons of things to do in Dubai. Honeymoon in Dubai can be rather amazing and there are numerous reasons to the exact same. A honeymoon is vital. A honeymoon in Dubai is certain to make 1 fall in love with the place, regardless of the heat.

Your honeymoon is just one of the most memorable holidays you will take in your lifetime which means it ought to be special. You may have a neighborhood honeymoon or go to various different places based on what you need to do. The ideal honeymoon doesn’t arrive around twice. Your honeymoon doesn’t need to be a vacation. Honeymoon and romance always go together, which means you must remember your honeymoon destination ought to be absolutely the most romantic one where you get to explore a wide number of things not to mention the accommodation ought to be romantic and luxurious too.

The destination provides exotic mixture of luxury accommodation, scenic beaches and amazing pursuits. The very best honeymoon destinations to remain at is the Forestville’s Farmhouse which offers you a suitable vintage feeling because of its classic interiors and it’s surrounded by the gorgeous wineries like the Kistler and the Kosta Browne. So, now that you’re conscious of some of the greatest honeymoon destinations on the planet, it’s time which you make your choice.

The fashionable destination provides unique services and several intriguing activities for couples to relish. You only unpack once and then as you’re being transported to every wonderful new destination you’re able to learn more about the ship, take in shows, dine in romantic restaurants or find a couples massage. Therefore, if you’re getting confused about which destination is the very best for your honeymoon, and then here we’re providing you a list of 25 best honeymoon destinations out of which you are able to pick the one which suits you. If you are searching for a destination that isn’t restricted to beaches or nature, Dubai is the perfect spot for you. Paradise for couples, the Florida Keys is among the very best holiday destinations on earth.

The resort is the perfect spot for private celebration like honeymoon. It is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to spend quality time together in a unique and scenic environment. It offers a wide range of activities such as surfing, scuba-diving, swimming, snorkelling and a complete island experience. It offers great luxury services. It offers activities you can enjoy with your new spouse.

Dubai doesn’t need to be about eye-watering rates and glitzy restaurants. It is so very popular. It is the perfect city to combine with another destination if you prefer to have a twin centre honeymoon.

Since you can see, Dubai is the ideal place for a romantic vacation. Dubai is among the most dazzling cities on earth and is currently a playground of the wealthy and famous. It, like many other destinations around the globe, is going through a healthy dining craze. After dark, it sometimes seems like a city filled with lotus eaters, forever on the lookout for a good time. Thanks to its growing reputation as a playground for the rich and famous, it has become another popular destination. Well, it gives you a chance to do just that!

Dubai takes its aim of being the top tourist attraction on earth very seriously, and you’ll literally be spoilt for choice in a variety of ways. It has long been established as one of the Top 10 honeymoon destinations in the world. It offers different shopping options including the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world by total area.

Best Attractions in Dubai

Burj Khalifa: Dubai’s milestone building is the Burj Khalifa, which at 829.8 meters is the tallest structure on the planet and the most renowned of the city’s focal points. For most visitors, an excursion to the perception deck on the 124th floor here is a must-do while in the city.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Al Arab: One of the most popular tourist attractions vacation destinations in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab. It is the fourth tallest inn on the planet and the most costly ‘7-star inn’ which holds numerous accomplishments. Burj Al Arab is perfectly lit up at night by arranged lighting and offers a bunch involvement of investigating the Dubai attractions.

Burj Al Arab

Dubai Museum: Dubai’s fantastic historical center is housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort, worked in 1787 to protect Dubai Creek. The fort’s walls are built out of traditional coral-blocks and held together with lime. The upper floor is bolstered by wooden shafts, and the roof is built from palm fronds, mud, and mortar.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the city’s premier shopping center and gives section to the Burj Khalifa, just as the Dubai Aquarium. There is also an ice-skating arena, gaming zone, and film complex in case you’re searching for greater excitement alternatives.

Dubai Mall

Bastakia (Old Dubai): The Bastakia Quarter also known as the Al-Fahidi neighborhood was worked in the late nineteenth century to be the home of well off Persian vendors who managed basically in pearls and materials and were tricked to Dubai on account of the tax-exempt exchanging and access to Dubai Creek.

Bastakia (Old Dubai)

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House: Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum was the Ruler of Dubai from 1921 to 1958 and grandfather to the present ruler. His previous living arrangement has been modified and reestablished as an exhibition hall that is a fine case of Arabian engineering.

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

Dubai Creek & Al Seef District: Dubai Creek isolates the city into two towns, with Deira toward the north and Bur Dubai toward the south. The stream has been a powerful component in the city’s development, first drawing in pilgrims here to fish and pearl jump. Little towns grew up close by the spring as far back as 4,000 years prior, while the advanced period started during the 1830s when the Bani Yas clan settled in the zone.

Dubai Creek & Al Seef District

Jumeirah Mosque: Jumeirah Mosque is considered by numerous individuals to be the most excellent of Dubai’s mosques. A precise of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, which is multiple times its size, the Jumeirah Mosque is a fine case of Islamic engineering.

Jumeirah Mosque

Desert Safari: The desert safari in Dubai is one of the best you could ever experience around. Exploring the deserts meshing into the abyss is definitely something you just can’t miss out on. This is one of those adaptable exercises that one can enjoy with their companions as well as with the whole family with no limitations.

Desert Safari

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International Tourist Attractions

International Tour Packages

Most popular tourist attractions in the world based on the destinations with the highest number of visitors every year. It is vital to the well being of many countries, because of the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry and the opportunity for employment and economic advancement by working in the industry. It is considered by many to be the largest industry in the world and the fastest growing. Reason for tourist attraction Tourism in Panama during the winter is a significant attraction for those tourists all around the world.

Make the most of the program to see both old favorites and new attractions you haven’t even heard of! Finding the most exciting global tourist attractions can be hard since different individuals have various ideas of what produces the perfect tour. With over 14 million visitors each year it is among the most visited tourist attraction on the planet. Besides tourist attractions, even the normal visitors cannot hide their excitement in going to the place. Visitors interested in receiving the very best view from the bridge can do so with the support of the Bridge Climb.

The Upside to International Tourist Attractions

If a nation, by way of example, suffers a war or terrorist attack then it gets politically unstable and people are not going to go there. If you’re a travel addict and relish moving around the planet, then here is one more and incredible place to be in your trip list. Disney World is among the absolute most international tourist attractions in the United States of America. Worldwide, the tourism market has experienced steady growth almost each year. It is based on many different components and interrelated parts. The accommodation sector supplies a massive selection of accommodation types to suit a wide variety of visitors. Moreover, there’s the distinctive tropical fruit wholesale market of Hainan local capabilities.

There are a couple places in Africa which are worth mentioning in regards to Africa’s popular tourist destinations. If you don’t have any clue about the approximate price of the air ticket, which places you’re likely to visit, what type of places you should stay in, how you’ll travel in the U.S. etc, it would be quite tricky to convince the consular officer that you’re indeed likely to the U.S. for tourism. Such places are usually referred to as tourist traps.

Cape Town is among the most stunning cities in South Africa. If you’re in a city for a brief period of time, sightseeing passes are a fantastic and affordable method to see popular tourist attractions. The city itself is an actual tourist paradise, proved by the increasing number of travelers coming every year. It erupts with festivals what seems like every weekend, you can even attend some of the largest festivals in the world here. The city of London is where to go! Bangkok the capital of the nation is just one of the most popular tourist attractions of earth.

If you are looking for cheap foreign destinations to travel from India? You’re in luck! Here we discuss about some beautiful destinations that are not only easy on the pocket but also abounding with exotic experiences.

Krabi, Thailand

This tropical island on Thailand’s west coast is a popular destination for honeymooners and party-goers. It’s famous for its pristine beaches, night life, and snorkelling and scuba spots like Phi Phi Island. Incidentally, that’s where ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Di Caprio was shot.


Situated along the Persian Gulf’s southern coast, Dubai is the largest emirate in the UAE, after Abu Dhabi. It’s luxurious skyscrapers and malls beckon one and all. It’s zero crime rate makes it one of the safest cities for travelers.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

While most people visit Cambodia to see the ruins of Angkor Vat, it is also a great place to slow down and relax. Visit the night market, sample exotic fruit, get massages and sip on rice wine.

Kathmandu, Nepal

If you’re crazy about heritage, you must visit Kathmandu. It has the densest UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites among all the capitals of the world. Within a radius of 15 km, you can visit the Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath temples, Boudha Stupa, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

This cosmopolitan city has something for everyone, from Buddhist temples and museums like the Gangarama Vihara to shopping and business districts. The country also boasts of sprawling tea estates and one of the oldest royal golf clubs.


This sunny little island with amazing botanical parks and a night zoo, large fountains, a Grand Prix racing track and ‘the wheel’ make it an exciting family getaway.

Hong Kong

A compact cultural hub with serious science and tech parks, art shows, monasteries, nature reserves and a permanent dazzling light and sound feature along its skyline after dark, make this vibrant city popular amongst tourists.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dotted with French colonial landmarks like the Central Post Office and the Notre Dame Cathedral, the port of Ho Chi Minh is an attractive city full of posh hotels, bars and cafes.

Muscat, Oman

The port capital of Muscat, home to the massive Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the old waterfront Muttrah quarter along Muscat bay with its souk and busy fish market, makes for an enchanting destination.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Popular as a shopping destination, KL is the retail and fashion hub of Malaysia, boasting of the world’s fourth-largest mall ‘1 Utama’, which covers 5 million square feet! It is also a great place to sign up for street food tours, especially if you love seafood.

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