Weekend Tour Packages

At the end of a grueling, mad week, all we need is the weekend to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves. However, there’s no better way to unwind and relax than going on a short trip. Traveling is therapeutic and it really helps to replenish our mind, body and spirits. No matter how hard and arduous, the entire week has been for you, a nice weekend getaway is all you need to restore your energies and getting back on the track. Studies have also shown tremendous benefits of a weekend trip, especially to the mental health which is quite crucial in the times that we’re living in currently. A nice and lovely weekend getaway uplifts one’s spirits like nothing and it is indeed the best way to seek solace and refuge from the hustle and bustle of regular life and stressful days. Tripsgateway understands the significance of having a good weekend trip and we make sure that your weekend trip truly helps you to unwind and relax. That’s why we have some incredible weekend holiday packages in store for you that are exclusively created to make your weekend trip worthwhile. You can book these tour packages and have a fulfilling and amazing weekend spent at exquisite destinations. These packages come up with amazing itineraries and thoughtful arrangements that make you feel comfortable and keep the unwanted hassles at bay throughout your trip so that you can make the most of your weekend holiday.  

Best weekend holiday packages you can try

These are our exclusive weekend tour and holiday packages that you can book and enjoy a fantastic weekend trip with your loved ones. These weekend packages are available in all themes such as adventure, family trip, romantic getaway, friends, honeymoon, cultural trip and so on. Apart from that, best of itineraries are in store for you with every single package. So pick the package that works the best for you from the catalogue with all the details given below and plan and customize your trip accordingly, just the way you like. At the heart of every weekend package that we curate for our travelers, what really lie is their best interests, choices and preferences that gives them the experience worthy to be remembered. So, here are all the weekend holiday packages by Tripsgateway that you can book for an exciting, happening and truly a wonderful weekend trip.

  • Dharamshala (2N, 3D): This can be a perfect weekend getaway for all adventure lovers and seekers out there. Hotel Shiva Castle is included in this package and you can also expect world class facilities all inclusive in this luxury category package such as welcome drink, all meals, plush hotel stay and sightseeing of all the major tourist attractions and hotspots. A tranquil and soulful weekend trip has to begin from Himachal. Isn’t it?
  • Singapore Combo (3N, 4D): This package includes Singapore Cruise and Singapore stay with all the best facilities and inclusions such as Guided Tours, Cruise, Sightseeing, Meals for breakfast, and stay in amazing hotels. The hotel included in this package is 85 Beach Garden Hotel in Singapore and any other 5 star hotel of your choosing at Singapore Cruise. It also covers all the major tourist attractions.
  • Simply Yerevan (3N, 4D): This is a perfect package for a great weekend trip to Yerevan. Includes all the incredible itineraries and best facilities such as hotel stay, breakfast meal, airport transfers, and sightseeing of major tourist hotspots. You can get Hotel Silaichi which is one of the most popular and splendid hotels of Yerevan. It’s a customizable package so you can get a luxury, premium, deluxe or budgeted package as per your preferences.
  • Simply BAKU BB (3N, 4D): This customizable package offers stay in the Crossway Hotel, Baku which is one of the best hotels there. In addition to this, it also offers visa facility, airport transfers, sightseeing of major tourist attractions, and breakfast meal too.   
  • Modern Baku (4N, 5D): This package consists of hotel stay in Crossway Hotel, Baku, Sightseeing of all major tourist hotspots, visa facility, airport transfers and breakfast meals. It is a customizable weekend holiday package.
  • Discover Armenia (4N, 5D): Discover the best of Armenia in this exclusively curated weekend tour package: This package consists of hotel stay in the Hotel Silaichi, and other some of the best facilities such as breakfast meal, airport transfers, and sightseeing.
  • Switzerland of India- Srinagar SPL PKG (Ex-Delhi, 4N, 5D): This package consists of flight booking, hotel stay, breakfast and dinner, airport transfers and sightseeing of all amazing tourist attractions of Srinagar. This package includes hotel Dilshan Shopping Mall and Dilshan Restaurant, Srinagar.
  • Amazing Dubai (4N, 5D): This tour package consists of hotel stay in one of the most splendid hotels of Dubai – Arabian Park, Sightseeing of all major tourist attractions and meals for breakfast. It’s a standard package.
  • Mesmerising Bali (4N, 5D): This deluxe package to Bali offers a lot more than you can think of. This package consists of stay in one of the most opulent hotels of Bali Park Regis Kuta, breakfast meal, airport transfers, intercity transfers, sightseeing, visa.
  • Explore Almaty (4N, 5D): This deluxe package consists of all meals, hotel stay in Rixos Almaty Hotel, Sightseeing of all major tourist attractions, all time meals, airport transfers, and visa facility. It’s a customizable package.
  •  Fun Island Resort 03 N Package: Spend 3N at this lavish resort of Maldives. This deluxe package includes 3 night stay in Fun Island Resort and Spa, all meals, welcome drinks, airport transfers, and Visa facility.
  • Sun Island Resort and Spa (3N, 4D): Available in deluxe and Luxury category, this exotic resort of Maldives is all yours for 3N. This package consists of all meals, welcome drink, visa facility and airport transfer.

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